You Can Draw Portraits

Drawing a portrait of a person is one of the most difficult challenges for any artist. With portrait drawing, precision is crucial. If you’re drawing wildlife or a landscape, you can be a bit off and your drawing may still look great. With a portrait, if you’re off even a little, the drawing just won’t look right.


What is the grid method? It’s a way to take a complex subject and break it down into more manageable pieces. The grid method gives an artist a lot of reference points so they can be confident that they are drawing their lines in the right place. It allows you to easily see where you need to draw your lines to keep things in proportion.

The good news

The good news is that you can learn how to draw a beautiful portrait. You don’t need to be gifted or blessed with natural talent. Drawing is a skill that can be learned.

Some people may be naturally talented, but even if you think you have no talent at all, you can learn to draw portraits.


Drawing an accurate likeness

YCDP - Portrait with gridIn the first part of this video course I will show you in detail, how to achieve an accurate likeness. We will be using the grid method for the initial line drawing where we draw the outline, the facial features, and lay out some basic shapes where light and shadow will go later.




Getting a realistic finished look

YCDP - portrait finishedAfter the initial line drawing is done, we remove the grid and start giving our drawing a realistic look. I will give you tips on drawing the hair, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. I will go over shading, blending, and highlighting techniques that will help you add realism to your drawing.




“You Can Draw Portraits” is available for immediate download for just $29.95.

The course contains approximately 3 hours of instruction that will take you step by step through the entire process of drawing a portrait, from a blank sheet of paper to a realistic finished drawing.

You can follow along as I demonstrate the various steps in drawing a portrait. I’ll share tips, techniques, and commentary throughout the video, telling you everything you need to know to draw a beautiful portrait.

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