Category: Wildlife

Baby Bobcat

This drawing is of an incredibly cute bobcat kitten. I did the drawing many years ago from a photo reference I found on the internet. I need to find the original photo so I can give credit where credit is due for an incredible photo. When I do find it, I’ll post the link here.

Cougar Portrait

Felis Concolor is the Latin name for a cat that goes by many names. Cougar, mountain lion, puma, and catamount just to name a few. Whatever you call them, they are beautiful animals and this particular cat lives at the Folsom Zoo.


This is a drawing of a Silverback Western Lowland Gorilla. I took the photo reference at the San Francisco Zoo and he looked right at me as if he was posing for the picture.  

Malaysian Tiger

This is a drawing of a┬áMalaysian Tiger. I was in the San Diego Zoo taking pictures for photo references. I sometimes take hundreds of pictures and then sift through them later to find just the right one to do a drawing of. As soon as I pushed the button on the camera and snapped this […]

Bull Moose

This drawing a drawing of a bull moose. I did this one has a house warming present for my parents when they moved into a new house in the forest.

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